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When I created this blog, I had every intention of making it a beauty/lifestyle blog, but so far, it has turned out to be more of an outlet for my random writes and thoughts.

Today, I’m finally putting out some beauty content! *cheers*

I’m hard to please when it come’s to makeup and skincare. Before I try anything out, I do my research and find out what’s in it, what it claims to do, and what other people like about it because my skin is temperamental, and it will absolutely freak out if it doesn’t like something I put on it. At this point in my life, I think it’s safe to say I know what my skin reacts well to, and what it absolutely hates. Lavender, for example, makes my skin so incredibly irritated and itchy. Fun fact: Lavender is TERRIBLE for your skin. It smells wonderful, which is why a lot of products have lavender oil in them, but it damages skin cells and slows collagen production. WRINKLES.

Moving on. Here are some tried-and-true products I’ve been loving lately:

1. Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream- $21


I think the name can be a bit misleading, because this is definitely more of an emollient balm-like product. Think: Aquaphor or Vaseline on steroids. This stuff is magic for soothing and healing chapped lips or skin and when used on your lips, it doubles as a gloss because it’s super high-shine. It claims to be fragrance free, but it definitely has a subtle menthol-y scent. I LOVE this stuff.

2. Clinique Super Rescue Antioxidant Night Moisturizer- $47


I love hydrating products and this moisturizer is very hydrating without feeling greasy. It sinks into your skin nicely and although it’s for very dry/dry skin types, I love it on my combination/oily skin. I use it morning and night because despite this being a night cream, there are no ingredients in it that make it unsuitable for day-wear; just layer sunscreen over it during the day. There is a day version of this moisturizer, however, it comes in a jar which is less sanitary because you have to stick your fingers in the jar, and the antioxidant properties in it (which come from tons of good-for-your-skin plant extracts) diminish over time when exposed to open air. The night version works just fine for me and does what it claims to do; my skin feels hydrated, plump and soft.

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue SPF 30- $29 and the Smoothing Face Brush- $28


BB and CC creams are all the rage lately and until this one from Bare Minerals launched (mid January/early February, I can’t remember) I hated every single one I tried. They claimed to do spectacular things and never delivered, gave little-to-no coverage, and they never lasted. And then this one came along to save their sad little reputations. I promise that though I work for Bare Minerals, I’m giving you my unbiased opinion: this stuff is good. It claims to be a tinted-hydrating-gel-cream (an unnecessary mouth-full) but really, it’s a just a cross between a BB (beauty-balm– moisturizer, sunblock, primer and foundation: all in one. *rolls eyes*) and a CC cream (color-correcting cream– same as a BB cream, except it corrects skin discolorations and redness *rolls eyes again*). BB and CC creams claim to do A LOT and honestly, they’re tinted moisturizers with a little more coverage that yes, can be worn as a day-time moisturizer without a primer or sunscreen. I however treat this like any foundation and still wear a moisturizer and primer underneath. This one is great because it stays on, offers a sheer to medium, build-able coverage and dries to a satin finish (my favorite part). Usually BB/CC creams have a tendency to look super shiny after a few hours, but if you set this one down, it looks great all day. Also, this hydrates your skin with water-binding emollients that keep your skin moisturized all day without the greasy look and feel. Apply it with your fingers or with the duo-fiber brush it launched with and you’re good to go. I wear Shade 07-Tan.

Makeup Forever High Definition Micro-finish Powder- $34


Every makeup artist needs one of these in their kits because it’s just the best finishing/setting powder ever. It’s translucent which means you won’t have to worry about shade-matching, it’s super finely milled so it photographs wonderfully, and it minimizes the appearance of pores. My favorite part though, it that it keeps my skin shine-free for a good portion of the day. Apply with a big fluffy brush, paying special attention to places where you get the shiniest, and VIOLA!

Benefit Gimme Brow Medium/Deep- $18


It’s no secret that I like a good, strong brow. Brow’s frame your face and the days of McDonald arch eyebrows are hopefully FAR behind us. To get a good brow, I fill mine in where they’re sparse and finish them with a brush of this wonderful stuff. Gimme Brow has tiny little fibers that adhere to your brow hairs to make them look fuller. Brush it through your brows lightly and your brows will look fuller, tamed, and stay in place all day. BOOM.

Nivea A Kiss of Moisture- $3, Revlon Lip Butters- $6, Clinique Chubby Sticks- $17


I’m a lip product junkie. I have way too many balms, glosses, and lipsticks. I’ve been really reaching for these lately, though, because my lips have been a little on the dry side. My favorite lip balm is Nivea’s a Kiss of Moisture; it just gets the job done. My lips get hydrated, they feel soft, and that’s really all I want from a balm. Revlon Lip Butter’s offer some color and feel like a lip balm. I layer mine over a regular lip balm for added hydration. There’s a good range of colors, so I’m sure you’ll find a few you like, but this one is in the shade Juicy Papaya, a subtle coral. Clinique Chubby Sticks, the product that started the chubby stick craze, are another favorite of mine. They are really hydrating and the colors are vibrant, pigmented and so, so, pretty. This one is in Mighty Mimosa, another coral.

I loved writing this, and I’d be happy to write more posts like this one, but I need to know what you want to see!

Like this post and leave a comment below if you’d like to see a post about something in particular, or if you have a question, and I’ll get on it!